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The legal liabilities of engineers following a catastrophic structural failure

This event will showcase real case studies involving the structural failure of bridges, mining infrastructure, tower masts and other infrastructure to discuss the obligations of engineers and other parties involved. He will provide an overview of the general legal obligations of engineers as well as the contractual agreements used to minimize liability.

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Reinforcement Detailing - The Devil is in the Detail

Whilst engineers are immersed in the design of reinforced concrete right from their undergraduate days, little time is spent on teaching and instruction of the detailing aspects of reinforcement.

Part science, part art form,  good clear reinforcement detailing is critical to both the performance of the structure and in reducing disputes during construction.

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Designing with Computers

It is relatively common to hear the senior members of our profession exhort our more junior members to “stop using computer models”, particularly early in the design process. However, a computer analysis program is really just a superior calculator (slide rule or log table). Why shouldn’t they be used by engineers to get a fast appreciation of the structural behaviour of their idea?

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