Maximising the capacity of connections to concrete – Advances in anchoring technology



Prof. Rolf Eligehausen

Fastenings to concrete are often poorly understood by designers with many relying on ‘data tables’ published by anchor suppliers. However, comprehensive design guidelines for post-installed and cast-in anchors are now available through Standards Australia TS 101:2015 and shortly, in EN 1992-4.

Design engineers are constantly trying to push the boundaries of anchor performance by positioning anchors close to a free edge, providing challenges for how to achieve the required capacity.  The Concrete Capacity method embodied in design guidelines includes conservative assumptions for anchors in groups with or without supplementary reinforcement loaded towards a concrete edge, hampering efficient anchor design and preventing addition capacity from being exploited.

For many decades The University of Stuttgart has been at the cutting edge of anchor technology and is largely responsible for the underlying methodology adopted in anchor design standards throughout the world.  This seminar presents the findings from an extensive testing program that explores the performance beyond currently available design guidelines and reveals the true capacity for applications involving anchors close to an edge loaded in shear.  The complex anchor-reinforcement interaction will be reviewed including limits of existing design guidelines and solutions available for optimal design involving the use of supplementary reinforcement.  A new and innovative analytical design model calibrated on the experimental program that evaluates failure modes and predicts the failure load of anchorages will be presented.  This innovation will enable the designer to safely exploit the full capacity of an anchor connection close to an edge allowing more efficient structures and will be considered as an update in future revisions of anchor design guidelines.

The Speaker

Rolf Eligehausen was Professor and Head of the Department of Fastening Technology at the Institute of Construction Materials, University of Stuttgart, Germany until 2009. He has more than 30 years of experience in research and testing of anchor technology.

Since 1986 he has chaired the fib Task Group “Fastenings to Concrete and Masonry” and since 2002 the CEN Working Group responsible for drafting EN1992-4 “Design of Fastenings in Concrete”. He is a member of ACI Committees 355 “Anchorage to Concrete”; 349 “Concrete Nuclear Structures”; and 408 “Bond and Development of Reinforcement” and of many other national and international technical committees.

Since 1996 he is a Partner in the Engineering Office Eligehausen & Asmus which is specializes in fastening technique. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 papers on reinforced concrete and fastening technique and is co-author of the textbook “Anchorage in Concrete Construction”.

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