Composite Steel-Concrete Construction

Presented by

  • Brian Uy Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety, The University of New South Wales

This presentation will outline the background behind the proposed joint Australian/New Zealand standard for composite steel-concrete buildings. The standard has commenced drafting and currently has three subcommittees working on composite slabs, composite beams and composite columns. The standard will be developed as a single document which builds on the historical AS2327.1-2003 standard for the design of simply supported composite beams as well as other Australian, New Zealand and international antecedent standards in the steel and composite structures area. It is envisaged that this standard will consider continuous composite beam design, include provisions for the design of composite slabs and also incorporate design rules for the shear connection of composite beams with precast and hollow core planks. The design approach for composite columns builds on the approach in the current AS/NZS AS5100 Part 6 for bridge structures and will incorporate important design provisions specific to multi-storey building design. It is also envisaged that system approaches for serviceability and fire design of composite floors will be encompassed in the new standard. It is expected that the standard will be published in 2014. The presentation will conclude by highlighting ongoing research into the use of high strength materials in composite construction, the design of composite beams subjected to combined actions and alternative shear connection systems for demountable construction and rehabilitation purposes.

Brian was appointed as Professor of Structural Engineering and Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety (CIES) in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of New South Wales in 2013. He was Professor of Structural Engineering and Foundation Director of the Institute for Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) during 2012 and served as Professor and Head of the School of Engineering and the Director of the Civionics Research Centre at UWS from 2007-2011. Appointed as a Professor of Structural Engineering and Head of the School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wollongong in 2004, he has also held positions at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London; National University of Singapore; Ove Arup and Partners (now ARUP); Wholohan Grill and Partners (now WorleyParsons) and Wargon Chapman and Partners (now Hyder). 

Brian is Chairman of the Standards Australia Committee BD32 on Composite Structures and a member of BD90 on Bridge Structures which are developing standards on Steel and Composite Structures for buildings and bridges respectively. He also serves on BD01 and BD02 for Steel and Concrete Structures respectively. He has been the Chairman of the Australia Regional Group of the Institution of Structural Engineers since 2012 and is a chartered engineer in Australia, the UK and USA and regularly provides higher level consulting advice and certification for major national manufacturing and infrastructure companies and for forensic/expert witness purposes for many of Australia’s leading legal practices. 

Involved in research in steel-concrete composite structures for over 20 years, Brian has co-authored over 140 journal articles. Much of this research has been underpinned by competitive grant funding from the Australian Research Council granting schemes and from industry totalling over $22 million Australian dollars. Brian serves on the editorial boards of eleven international journals for structural engineering and is Chief Editor (Asia-Pacific) for Steel and Composite Structures. He is also a significant contributor to international codes of practice in steel and composite construction and currently serves on the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Task Committee 5 on Composite Construction and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) – Structural Engineering Institute (SEI), Technical Committee on Composite Construction.

This event will start at 6:15pm  in the Turner Theatre at The University of Melbourne, Botany Building, Parkville  (Building 122, Grid E13 on this  map.)

Refreshments will provided from 5:30pm in Room C301, 3rd Floor, Engineering Block C (Building 174, Grid L17 on this map.)

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