AS 3600: 2018 ‘How did we get here, and where are we going?’ – John Woodside


An estimated 140 gathered to hear John Woodside present an excellent history of the Code he has known well, and contributed to the development of through a long and illustrious career. The presentation was full of insight, wisdom, and helpful insight from one of the profession’s best known and highly respected Structural Engineers. We were privileged to be there.


There were some memorable take away lessons:

  • If you are not familiar with the well-established service to alert structural engineers to serious safety issues, then sign up (for free) here:

  • We need to start planning for the (significant) changes to AS3600 now and overview our design and drafting requirements.

  • Start educating our engineers in the changes.

  • Make sure our design software has been amended and tested.

  • Diaphragms need to be designed.

  • Earthquake provisions strengthened.

  • Walls will be the greatest elements impacted by changes, and need to be designed.

  • Review and design the building as a whole system.

  • Examine the heavily loaded elements carefully, especially the prefabricated elements and make sure they are robust and the load transfer will work!!!!

If you are interested in the Victorian Branch Chartered Membership Examination Course for 2018:

If you are interested in a ‘Small Practitioners Conference’, along the lines of the IStructE course held in the UK (that you can watch below), then please contact us, and we will consider organising one. If we receive sufficient interest, then we will seriously consider what we may be able to do for Victorian small practitioners.

— David Morris